Best 8 Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

Best 8 Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

Successful graphic design portfolio websites always present your work, tell about your story, inspire others, and open up doors for new collaborations. In this article, we have compiled Best 8 graphic design portfolio examples for your inspiration.

1. Adrien Loret

Adrien is a graphic designer who is very passionate about typography, illustration, and photography; his website has a minimal and clean look. His portfolio clearly shows the importance of keeping a simple color scheme and white space.

2. Marcus Artis

Marcus gives a great first impression in his website portfolio by showing simple and full image galleries that are quite easy to browse.

3. Fake Honey Pictures

Fake Honey Pictures creates graphical stories all over the globe. Their portfolio has stunning videos and short documentaries that are being displayed in their main website layout.

4. Chris Tammar

This graphic designer portfolio website is very intuitive yet simple. Its brand logo itself tells about its vision and gives a personality to the brand.

5. Brendan Dowling

Brendan is a creative graphic designer whose website portfolio shows cases of all of his best projects directly placed on his website in a vertical manner. It makes it easier for people to access his work.

6. Made Architects

Made Architects is an architectural firm whose portfolio website showcases their achievements and awards right on the home page. Its about page is also created nicely with its team, vision, awards, and exhibition experience.

7. Allison Bratnick

Allison Bratnick is Head of Design & Production at a healthy fast-casual restaurant. She chooses a grid-style theme to showcase her work, making it easy for the visitors to see her communication and marketing projects.

8. Mingfei Yang

Mingfei Yang is a game designer who uses a black background as a base color to feature his game design portfolio. His artworks are surreal and edgy, which gives an emotional look to the viewer.


Here are some pro tips for you to create an amazing graphic design portfolio website for your business:

Make sure your online portfolio website is responsive

Most of the internet browsing is now happening on cell phones. Make sure that your portfolio website is fully optimized and responsive to be displayed beautifully on cell phone devices. The mobile device experience of your web must load fast and have the leverage of a touch screen interaction.

Review and refresh often

What you need to do after creating a portfolio website is to refresh and review your portfolio now and then. The review is not just about adding up your new work but also deleting your old job.

Promote your portfolio website

Your work doesn’t stop after building the best portfolio website. In fact, the actual work starts from here. Now you have to market yourself, so get active on various social media platforms and start posting your work on them like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and links back to your website.

We hope these graphic design portfolio ideas and tips will help you in creating your portfolio.

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